Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Attendance Mission

Regular and punctual attendance is crucial to the success of our student population at Hoover High School. Not only do tardies, absences, and truancies cause the student to fall behind, but it also disrupts the learning environment of others. Hoover High School values punctuality and preparedness as important skills to create proactive and productive college and career minded professionals.

1st Period Tardy Policy

Students are expected to arrive promptly in the classroom, seated, at 8:35 a.m. Arriving promptly means that you are passing through the gates no later than 8:30 a.m. Failure to make it by this time will result in a tardy and the gates will close. Recurring tardies will result in a parent phone call and teacher-led intervention with student. 

1st Period Tardy Procedures: 

1. Gates will close at 8:50 a.m. 

2. Students will enter through the attendance window. Students will scan/sign in, will be given a pass, and have no more than 4 minutes to get to their classes. 

3. Teachers will take attendance within the first 15 minutes of first period, and then make adjustments, if necessary, as they see fit. 

4. Students with excessive tardies will be meet with Pupil Advocate or Counselor in tandem with Academy supports.

Quick Guide to Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Attendance Issue


Pattern of tardies and absences approaching 40

  • Lunch Detention and/or after school tutoring

Any combination of 40 total of the following codes: 

Absent (A), Unexcused/Unverified (U) or Tardies (T/W)

  • Loss of Privilege list (LOP)

  • Lunch Detention and/or after school tutoring

1 period truancy (Z)

  • Loss of Privilege list (LOP)

  • Lunch Detention and/or after school tutoring

  • Parent/guardian conference/call

Attendance Definitions



Students who arrive after the start of class without an approved pass will be marked as tardy.

Unexcused Tardy (W)

Any tardy of more than 30 minutes is considered an “unexcused tardy.”



Students are considered truant when found wandering campus during class time without a pass or when teacher and/or guardian are unaware of the student’s absence. 

Unverified Absence (A)

Students will be marked “unverified” until a parent or guardian calls in their absence. Parents/guardians must call asap. After 3 days any “unverified absence” will automatically be considered an “unexcused absence.”

Unexcused Absences 


Students will be marked “unexcused” for any absence not considered an “excused absence.” Excessive unexcused absences will result in phone calls home or a home visit by our Pupil Advocate.

Excused Absences (H)(E)(M)(I)

Includes, but is not necessarily limited to: High School Sponsored Event, Illness, Bereavement, Extended Medical Leave, Family Emergency, etc.

Make Up 


When a student clears a Tardy (T) or an Unexcused Absence (A) with Saturday School, Lunch Detention or Tutoring.

Lunch Detention

Students will use their I.D. cards to scan into lunch detention. Lunch will be provided in the stadium bleachers for students participating. There will be no cell phones, gaming or sound devices permitted during this time. Showing up to lunch detention is mandatory. Lunch Detention clears up to 2 tardies.

Saturday School

Students may go to Saturday School to clear up to 5 tardies, 4 single-period absences, or 1 full-day absence per Saturday School session. Students must use their ID cards to sign in to receive clearance.


Students may attend tutoring session to remediate a single period tardy (T) only. A sign in and scan is required for a valid tutoring session. 


Restorative Community Service: Students will have a choice of community services around campus to clear tardies. There will be no cell phones, gaming or sound devices permitted during this time.

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