Hoover Programs and Services

Hoover Community Assets





Aaron Price Fellows Program

Annie Lyles

(619) 795-2036

3yr community engagement experience (9)

Academy of Health and Healthier Communities (AHHC)

Ellen Hohenstein

(619) 344-4640

Healthcare and biotech education/partnerships, health equity initiatives, internships

Academy of Information Technology (AOIT)

Ellen Towers

(619) 795-2000

IT education & skills, internships, mentorships. (9-12)

Academy of Literature, Media, and Arts (ALMA)

Michael Heu

(619) 344-4500 x3202

Artistic and creative education (journalism, music, theater, visual art) (9-12)

Arc Experience (IMIN)

Christina Morse Room 304 344-4500

After school programs. Academic support, enrichment activities, physical activities, clubs, special events.

Bridge to Employment, FACES

Alex Ayala 619-540-4233

Health and science career program (12)

Cardinals Interact

Beatriz Valencia Pamela Gutierrez

bvalencia@pricephilanthropies. org
(619) 795-2000pgutierrez@pricephilanthropies. org

(619) 795-2031

Mentoring, tutoring, college prep, team building- 50 students (9)

Cesar Chavez Service Clubs

Paty Arvizu


Community service, character development (9-12)

Children & Youth in Transition

Amanda Urena


Assistance for students identified as refugees, homeless, in foster care, or military dependents

College Avenue Compact (CAC)

Laura Angel-Zavala Claudia Rodriguez Jose Mondragon Jackie Rodriguez

College/career presentations, advising, workshops (9-11)

Community Law Project

Ted Janowsky

(619) 356-8994

Legal services, consultations, referrals - Located in Hoover's Wellness Center. (all community members)

Consensus Organizing Center, SDSU Step Up

Jennifer Cosio Jasmine Jackson 619-594-3870

SDSU Social Work course, community service - 25 students (11)

Copley Price YMCA - Teen Achievers and & Y Strong Girls

Edgar Vargas 619-280-9622 ex. 11615

Tutoring, college preparation, mentoring, study skill workshops, computer lab access, volunteering, and internships. *Free dinner in Teen Center Mon-Fri 3:30-5:30*

FACES for the Future

Carolyn Winn Alex Ayala Alicia Cerna

(619) 550-6393

Medical field programs: Internships, academic support, leadership - recruited students

Health Center - Hoover

Ellen Hohenstein

(619) 344-4640

School Nurse, Health Tech, La Maestra Clinic (Physician's Assistant, Medical Doctor, Dental Clinic), Mental Health services/therapy (Rady Children's Hospital & UPAC ).

Hoover Innovation Center -Online & Independent Study

Andrea McCullough


Credit recovery, online coursework (9-12)

IRC - Job Club

Hassan Paiwand

619-440-6208 ext 228

Incentives, internships, tutoring, field trips, community service, career/employment readiness - low income youth, D/F students (11-12)

La Maestra Community Health Centers

Dora Rodriguez Zara Marselian

(619) 584-1612

Located in Hoover HS Health Center. Student health services for La Maestra patients, including immunizations, birth control, STI services, emergency services, dental clinic, physical fitness exams.

LGBTQIA+ Education and Advocacy & CSEC

Sophia Arredondo (619) 890-0811

District Program Manager for LGBTQIA+ Education and Advocacy; staff support & education, student/family support. Presentations, workshops, professional development, & resources.

Ocean Discovery Institute

Christina Contreras

(619) 488-3849

Science/environmental after school & summer programs, career experience/skills- application process

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)

Carmen Russian

(619) 420-4730

Information/programs on navigating school systems and educational opportunities immigrant & low income

Pro Kids Golf - The First Tee of San Diego

Kathy Wilder

(619) 582-7884

Golf instruction integrating life skills, academic tutoring, mentoring, career exploration workshops, field trips

Reading Legacies

Community service -students read to a group of children (9-12)

Reality Changers

Ashley Morgan Jordan Harrison Mariel Mauricio

(619) 516-2222

(619) 516-2222

Tutoring, leadership training, community service, SAT prep, college services. (9-11)
**College Apps: Gerardo Jaimes

School Social Worker- Hoover

Cindy Alfaro

619-344-4500 ext 2617

Referrals for mental health services, crisis intervention

School Police- Hoover

Officer Jennifer Gruner


Police dispatch, law enforcement, school safety, security, PERT, crime prevention

SDSU Pathways Service-Learning Tutoring

Nadia Rohlinger

(619) 594-1683

Tutoring in-class & after school math, science, English, history. (9-12)

SDSU- Price Community Scholars

Mary Taylor Alessa Becerra

Mentors for high achieving students, supporting pathway to college- enroll during middle school

SDSU Talent Search

Nada Stevens Rachel Rojas

(619) 594-2954

Financialaidcounseling-lowincome,1stgen.Academic&careercounseling. (9-12)

SDSU Upward Bound

Tomasa Mauricio

(619) 594-1899

College app, financial aid, admissions guidance. Academic advising & tutoring. Summer programs- educational/recreational
- recruited students (9)

Social Justice Academy (SJA)

Yolanda Noyes

Advocates positive social action for self, family, community & environment. Project-based curriculum- human rights, social concerns, restorative justice practices.

Sustainable Academy of Building Engineering (SABE)

Angie Hummel


Engineering, sustainability and construction education & skills. Project-based & hands-on learning, workplace experiences.

UCSD Upward Bound Math & Science

Marcus Thompson

(619) 721-1154

Services/programs for students pursuing math & science careers. Tutoring, academic, personal, & financial counseling.

UPAC Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

Destiny Horn 619-501-4043

Teen Recovery Center. Substance abuse treatment recovery services; individual & group non-residential. Therapy services, parent support, medication management. Located in Hoover's Wellness Center.

Wellness Center - Hoover



Health & wellness services, link to emotional and social support services. Wellness encounters (check-ins), workshops, resource coordination.
Open to all students and community.

WAHUPA TRiO Educational Talent Search

Jesus Ortiz Patty Bacame Claudia Pak

(619) 297-4471

Academic advising, financial aid info, tutoring, college info, career exploration, parent/student workshops

Emergency Support Phone Numbers
Access and Crisis Line: 1-888-724-7240 Available 24/7
Trevor Project Suicide Hotline for LGBTQIA+ Youth: 866-488-7386 Available 24/7 Crisis Text Line: 741-741 Available 24/7
Live Chat: Available Mon-Fri 4:00-10:00pm

Child Abuse Reporting Hotline: 800-344-6000 Available 24/7
San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-888-385-4657 Available 24/7 Storefront Youth Emergency Shelter: 1-866-Place2Stay/752-2327 Available 24/7National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 Available 24/7

San Diego Community Assets





Alliance for African Assistance

Jimmy Dervishi

(619) 286-9052 ext. 229

Refugee/immigrant support: preparing host families, English classes, job assistance/employment services, health screenings

Alternative Healing Network

Ryan Altman


Integrative health nights: massage, acupuncture, energy healing, yoga

Bridge of Hope

Sheri Briggs


Services for families in transition: provide furniture, clothing, food, everyday needed items

CareerSmart Program

Taylor Romero

3275 Market St. Suite 101


Learn career/post-secondary skills. Ten week training program ages 17-24. Microsoft Office Specialist, IC3 Certification, A+ Certification.

Center for Community Solutions

Verna Griggin-Tabor


Violence prevention/response services: domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse. Crisis hotline and in-person emergency crisis response. Victim advocacy.

Central Region Public Health Center

Front Desk:


HIV counseling and testing, immunizations, STI services

Circulate San Diego

Jim Stone


Advocates for safer walking conditions, teaches pedestrian safety laws, Walk to School Day

City Heights Community Development Corporations

Kenneth Grimes


Employment preparation and direct job placement, community improvement, food pantry.

City Heights Farmer's Market: Fresh Fund

Troy McKinney

619-641-7510 ext.277

Farmers' market incentive program - goal to increase access to healthy, fresh foods in under-served communities

City Heights Foundation

Enrique Gandarilla


Addresses youth violence, community improvement, annual City Heights Youth Resources and Job Fair, Day of the Dead Celebration, Cinco De Mayo event.

City Heights Recreation Center

Raul Contreras


Parks and Rec programs: art, dance, sports, teen center, exercise, camps, etc.

City Heights Runners

Chris Brewster

(619) 495-8153

Running club, promotes emotional & physical health, teaches grit, healthy relationships, communication, life planning, tutoring, summer reading program


City Heights Wellness Center: Scripps Health/Rady Children's hospital

Lisa Vandervort

(619) 321-2922

Nutrition programs/classes, health education services, mental health counseling, exercise programs, disease prevention

College Area Pregnancy Services

Julie Niven


Pregnancy counseling/support, STI risk education, counseling re. sexuality issues & relationship issues, medical services

Community Resources and Self Help (CRASH)

Sue Dolby

(619) 297-5131

Alcohol and other drug services - men's live-in program 18yrs+

Comprehensive Training Systems

Kristen Walker

(619) 424-6650

Job training and placement; technical and certificated trainings.

The Cupboard on 54th

3060 54th St


Food Pantry (no ID required) Hours: Tues. 10:30-12:30, Thurs. 11:00-1:30, Fri. 10:30-1:30

The Elizabeth Hospice - Grief Support Groups

Melissa Lunardini


Grief support groups that meet twice a month in the evening. Teen Group ages 13-17. Free of charge. Parents have own concurrent grief support group

Family Health Centers of San Diego

Front Desk:

(619) 515-2300

Healthcare and support services: medical, dental, counseling/mental health, women's health, etc.

Feeding America San Diego

Jennifer Gilmore

(858) 768-7427

Hunger relief organization, meal distribution, nutrition education, CalFresh outreach

Girl Scouts of San Diego

Jen Nation


Girl-Led programs: Leadership skills, community service, sports/hobbies, travel, camps.

Global Institute for Public Strategies

Dan Tomsky

(619) 476-9100 ext. 114

Neighborhood clean-up events, improve neighborhood safety & quality

Hillcrest Youth Center


LGBTQIA+ drop-in safe space, workshops, discussion groups, recreational activities, HW help, social events

Home Start

Nicole Koch

619-229-3660 ext 222

4305 University Ave 4th floor suite 410

Employment Services: applications, resumes, cover letters, financial literacy, counseling services (child abuse, victims of crime, parent-child interaction). Medical&CalFresh enrollments. Food distribution @ Collas-Mead Elementary and Logan Library 1/month

International Rescue Committee (IRC): Youth and Refugee Programs

Mitch Johnson

(619) 641-7510

Refugee services: youth programs, housing, cash assistance, English classes, employment assistance, food programs.

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank

Kaye de Lancey Hentschke

(858) 863-5129

Emergency food assistance program, food distribution programs, food drives.

Jewish Family Service

(858) 637-3210

Counseling services, child abuse prevention, Human services: homeless, domestic violence, adoption, refugee resettlement, psychiatric case management, disaster response, emergency food distribution.

Leah's Pantry

Adrienne Markworth

(415) 710-2729

Cooking and nutrition programming & workshops

License to Freedom

Dilkhwaz Ahmed, M.S.

(619) 401-2800

Domestic violence prevention, treatment & awareness, counseling services, youth services (arts, parenting classes, therapy).

Love City Heights

Edwin Lohr

Carlos Quezada


Creates welcoming community through art, music, community events and donations, while helping local businesses beautify their storefront. Beautification of City Heights through deterring graffiti

Mama's Kitchen

Carlos Medina

619-233-6262 ext. 108

Food/free meal delivery to those affected by AIDS or cancer

Mid-City CAN

Diana Ross

(619) 283-9624

Community meetings -Youth council for community organizing (smoke free project, peace promotion, substance abuse prevention, teen sexual health)

Multi-Cultural Community Relations Office - San Diego Police Dept.

Paul Yang

(619) 531-1526

Refugee services: Holiday toy drive, info for crime victims, crime prevention, workshops for personal protection

National Conflict Resolution Center

Marc A. Meyer

(619) 238-2400 ext. 225

Community mediation program and training programs: conflict management, restorative justice

Neighborhood House Association

Damon Carson (858) 715-264

Center for services: health, mental health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, housing counseling, emergency assistance. HW center

Nile Sisters Development Initiative

Elizabeth Lou

(619) 265-2959

Refugee services: counseling, healthcare, nutrition/fitness education, drivers training

Outdoor Outreach

Ben McCue

Hanna Gneiting

(619) 238-5790

(619) 238-5790

Outdoor recreational activities, adventure clubs

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

Carolyn Pinces

(619) 881-4500

Sexual health services: birth control, testing and treatment for STIs, pregnancy testing, and counseling. Educational services

Rady Children's Urgent Care:

Behavioral Health Urgent Care

4305 University Avenue

Suite 150
San Diego, CA 921054


Urgent emotional & behavioral concerns. Walk-in clinic, risk and diagnostic assessment, crisis intervention, case management, referral and linkage to community resources. Urgent psychiatric/medication evaluations

Restorative Justice Mediation Program

Jim Walsh

(858) 490-8375

Receive case referrals from probation officers, SD Court System, and individuals.

San Diego Canyonlands

Eric Bowlby

Linda Pennington

(619) 284-9399

Nature-based education, clean-ups and restoration events, provides tools, donating plants, and volunteering.

San Diego Family Care

Roberta L. Feinberg, M.S.

(858) 279-9676

Health clinic: adult, teen, & pediatric services, behavioral health services, prenatal services

San Diego Futures Foundation

Gary Knight

(619) 269-1684, ext. 218

Low-cost computer classes, low-cost & donated refurbished computes, free tech training for IT careers

San Diego Hunger Coalition

Jennifer Tracy

(619) 501-7917

CalFresh partner, educate public on hunger issues and local resources

San Diego Regional Center

Sandra Bishop

(858) 576-2966

Services for persons with developmental & intellectual disabilities including assessments & case management

San Diego Workforce Partnership

Heather Milne Barger

(619) 228-2904

Job training programs, summer programs, internships, employment opportunities

San Diego Youth Services

Steven H. Jella

(619) 221-8600

Services for homeless, runaway, abused, and at-risk youth. Runaway shelters, foster care, adoption services, expressive arts

SAY San Diego

Omar Isidoro

Demaris Climax

Kevin O'Neill

619-283-9624 ext 310

(619) 857-8245


Support/prevention: substance abuse, child abuse, foster care, juvenile delinquency, mental health services, family support, Extended day before and after school

SAY San Diego Teen Court

Brandon Johnson

(858) 565-4148

Trains students to be jurors, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, court clerks, and bailiffs.

SDSU Center for Community Counseling and Engagement

Jan Ewing, Dr.


Counseling services: individual & family, connects youth and families with counseling resources

Second Chance

Trisha Gooch (619) 839-0950

Job readiness training, job placement services, sober-living housing, services for those hardest to employ (former substance abusers, ex-offenders, at-risk youth).

STARS Program - San Diego Youth Services


Services for youth 12-24 yrs involved with commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.


Claire O'Leary

(619) 531-2559

Free educational, athletic, and recreational programs, partnering with law enforcement: tutoring, violence prevention, outdoor enrichment, holiday giving

Survivors of Torture, International (SURVIVORS)

Kathi Anderson

(619) 278-2400

Programs for trauma survivors: medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, and social services. Education on effects of torture.

Tariq Khamisa Foundation

Jeanne Rawdin

(619) 955-8777 x106

Violence prevention: education, mentorship, community service

The AjA Project

Sandra Ainslie


Photography-based programming, youth empowerment (self-esteem, coping, behavioral health) after-school and in-school programs

The Salvation Army Kroc Center

Camille McKinnie

(619) 446-0259

Aquatic center, Ed center (tutoring), gym, ice area, recreational field (challenge course/rock wall), perf. arts center, art classes, day camp, food/clothing assistance


Teresa Trout

(619) 255-3812

Free dance classes, community-building activities, service projects

UCSD Mother, Child and Adolescent HIV Program

Mary Caffery

(619) 543-8089

HIV care to women & youth: medical care, patient education, counseling, case management, peer advocacy, and community education.

Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC)

Jennifer Leedom

(619) 232-6454

Mental health services, multicultural counseling, homeless services, Alliance for Community Empowerment Program, drug treatment & teen recovery.

United Way of San Diego County

Heather Pham

(858) 363-4173

Charity and resources/services for student and family needs

UPLIFT: Urban People Living in Faith & Trust

Linda Guzzo

(619) 234-4504

Educational, spiritual, social support: after-school tutoring and mentoring activities

Urban Corps

Klara T. Arter

(619) 235-6884, ext. 3122

Job training and community service in the fields of conservation and recycling


Jake Medcalf

(858) 334-5325

Neighborhood relationship building: adventure trips, weekly programs, and small groups

Waters of Jordan

Delores Korokous

(619) 487-9738

Services for abused, distressed, and underserved women & their children: counseling/therapy, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, support groups, classes.

YMCA Youth & Family Services

Kim Morgan

(619) 281-8313

Social service dept. offering sliding-scale family support/counseling services. Transitional housing for youth. Kinship support services.

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