11-08-2021 Letter from the Principal
Posted on 11/19/2021

November 8, 2021

Dear Cardinal Students, Families and Supporters!

I am reaching out to you to follow up on District Leadership’s email communication to families relating to Friday, November 12, that transpired at the end of last week.

To provide brief context, an email from District Leadership was sent out last Thursday, 11/4, proposing the canceling of school on Friday, 11/12, to provide a “mental health and wellness day” for students, parents, and school staff.  On Friday, 11/5, another email was sent out by District Leadership informing all stakeholders that school will be in session on Friday, 11/12.  HOWEVER, students in need are still encouraged to stay home on Friday, 11/12, and take advantage of a  “mental health and wellness day.”  Per the Superintendent, all student absences will be coded “excused” as a mental health day.

Based on this messaging, I foresee that Friday, 11/12, will present several challenges for school sites including decreased student attendance (excused absences) and reduced adult staffing. In complete fairness to students, parents, and staff members, many plans were made after Thursday evening’s announcement that resulted in families taking advantage of the four day weekend. I acknowledge and respect these valid choices, and want to encourage all who made plans to continue with those plans. Most importantly, I firmly believe this IS an opportunity for students, families, and staff to take advantage of a much needed “mental health and wellness” day.  We are partners and need to take care of each other to maximize the educational experiences of our students.

I want to make it clear if your student is absent on Friday, November 12, their absence will be automatically coded as “excused” by school staff.  You do NOT need to report your student’s absence. We are happy to provide this support to our families.

For students who are in attendance, the school day will not be traditional. With expected absences throughout campus, presenting new instruction will not be practical, nor feasible. However, to effectively ensure that students are appropriately cared for and supervised, we have created a plan that will address limited student and staff attendance. The plan is as follows: 

Friday, 11/12, will be a minimum day. The bell schedule is as follows:

Period 1 - 8:35-9:35

Nutrition - 9:35-9:40

Period 2 – 9:45-10:45

Period 3 – 10:50-11:55

Period 4 – 12:00-1:05

Lunch – 1:10-1:40

  • Students in attendance will NOT be reporting to their traditional classes. Rather, they will be choosing to participate in large group activities offered across campus. Activities will be located across different parts of campus and will be led and supervised by Hoover staff. These activities will include the following: 
  • Students who choose to attend school will be required to stay the entire school day, unless a parent/guardian follows the process to pull their student out early
  • Lunch WILL be provided for students in attendance.

I believe that this plan honors the choices of our Hoover stakeholders.  Those who choose to stay home and use Friday, 11/12, as a mental health day (which I support!), and those who will be in attendance on Friday, 11/12, as we have plans to make it a positive day.

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